Sunshine Blogger Award

Hey guys! It’s been like a week since I’ve gotten to talk to ya’ll. I missed you 😦

I want to thank Gracie @ Smile and Craft AG for nominating me for this award. Go check out her blog because it is awesome. 😉


1: Thank the person(s) that nominated you and link back to their blog.

2: Answer the 11 questions your nominator has given you.

3: Nominate 11 other people and give them 11 new questions to answer

4: List the rules and display the award.


Now for Gracie’s questions:

1: What are you wearing right now?

I am wearing a navy blue Aztec print tank top and jean shorts.

2: Do you prefer a ponytail or a braid?

That is a hard question. Currently my hair is too short for either.

3: If you could read one book for the rest of your life, what book would you read?

I’m gonna say at the moment any of the first two Elsie Dinsmore books (though that will probably change) even though I wouldn’t really want to one book all my life because I would know all the interesting parts.

4: What is your favorite word?

Oh geez. Might need to get back to you on that. :/

5: Reading or Writing?

Probably reading because I do it more often. Don’t get me wrong I ❤ writing very much.

6: Would you rather read a book while sitting under a tree or in a tree?

Probably in a tree. I could be like Alice in Wonderland.

7: If you could take a week-long vacation to any one place in the world for free, where would you go?

Fiji or the Bahamas. Or Australia. Goodness gracious, Gracie, these questions are difficult.

8: Favorite ice cream flavor?


9: Tea or coffee?

Does creamer with a splash of coffee count?

10: What is one of the strangest dreams you can remember?

I was driving with my mom in the car and the road we were going on turned into roller coaster type tracks (I swear I’ve had that dream more than once). There was another time where I was driving a car by myself. Another dream I had I was in the car and the vehicle was moving without a driver. (Okay so I have had a lot of dreams involving cars)

11: If you could choose a superpower to have, what would it be?

Invisibility. I would soooo win at hide and seek every round.


My Nominations:

K.A. @ Cuddly Critters Blog

Samantha @ Redhead with a Book

Charis @ Charis Rae

Chloë  @My Hobbit Hole

Megan @ A Barefoot Gal

Louise @ Geez Louise

Mirra @ A Young Writer’s Dream

Loren @ Happy House of AG

Hope @ The Nerd Notebook

Liv @ Liv a Little

Allison @ A Farm Girl’s Life


My Questions 🙂

1: What is your favorite animal?

2: Do you have a hobby? If so what is it?

3: If you got to go back in time, what time period would you go back to?

4: What is your favorite summer activity?

5: What do you do in your free time?

6: You have just won the lottery. What will you do with the money you have received? (Just to make this clear this is a what if statement. I’m not giving out winning lottery tickets xD.)

7: Do you prefer traveling by plane or car?

8: Harry Potter or Star Wars?

9: How would you describe your personality?

10: Favorite song?

11: Got any pets?


Thank you again Gracie for nominating me. You are such a sweet heart!

Love you guys!



Mini Photoshoot with Kaya

Hellooo! I know this post is going to be short, but I wanted to post as much as possible to make up for next week. The pictures I took aren’t perfect (and they turned out blurry even though I checked and they looked fine on my Ipod) ,but I hope you enjoy!




(Sorry about the blur)


I took these yesterday and the sun is so stinking bright. It was really hot out.


I think my favorite picture out of all of these would be the close up of Kaya’s eye. She is so pretty! Ahhh. (ahem. sorry kinda obsessed with her.)

Which picture was your favorite? Also I think I am going to start giving some shout-outs at the end of my posts. Perhaps I will start doing a draw of my followers and commenters. What do you think? 

Bye for now!

~Ruthie Grace

Diy Doll Fidget Spinner

Hey everyone! I have seen fidget spinners everywhere. So, I thought that I would try my hand at making a miniature one. I hope you enjoy making a……






What you will need for this project is glue, a fidget spinner picture from a newspaper ad or grocery ad (if you don’t have that then I have a way for you to make it later in this post), poster-board or cardboard, construction paper and scissors.




First cut out the picture of the fidget spinner.




Trace the cut-out onto the poster-board/cardboard.



Now take and trace the cut-out onto construction paper that matches the color of your fidget spinner (or if you want to mix and match colors that is cool too!).


Glue the cut-out onto the front and the construction paper on the back.



Don’t have a cut-out? No problem! I made a template especially for you! Take this template, copy and paste it in Word and print away!



Cut out the template and trace onto construction paper and cardboard or you can what I did which is trace it three times onto a paint swatch.


(Mine looks bad because I was in a hurry.)



Use a Sharpie to draw rings around the ends and use a pen to draw one in the center and….



You have yourself a doll fidget spinner! These work best for 10 to 12 inch dolls but I am sure you can resize it for any other type of doll.


I added sparkles around the edges of the red one.


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial!

If you made this let me know in the comments. Want more crafting diy posts? If so let me know some suggestions below of some ideas! I would love to hear from you.

Bye for now!

~Ruthie Grace


Diary of Anne Keprie: Episode 1






May 11, 1883



Today marks six years since I arrived in America. I vaguely remember waking up in the room Aunt May had made up for me, but I remember nothing from before that.


Aunt May surprised me with a lovely picnic under my favorite tree. Everything is alive and green and it makes me happy to see the plants awakening from their winter slumber.


Aunt May seems worried. When she thought I was reading ,in one of the tree branches, I caught her holding her necklace in her hands staring at it as if it would evaporate into thin air.


I could make out a few of the words she was muttering to herself, “Felicity”, “praying”, and ” be safe”.


“What troubles you, Aunt?” I asked.


She abruptly dropped her necklace and looked at me affectionately.

“Nothing, dear, just thinking aloud.” she said. “Why don’t you come have a biscuit?”


After eating the savory biscuits I began to ask Aunt May some questions.

“Aunt May, do you remember my mother?”


Her gaze softened and her eyes glazed over as if recollecting a wonderful dream.

“Oh I remember quite well. When we were younger your mother and I would have the most exciting adventures.


We would explore the woods ,in our backyard, and pretend our neighbor Mr. Oakens was a former pirate storing treasures in his enormous house.” she chuckled.


“What about my father?”


“I never met him. Your mother met him in Germany and eventually they got married and settled. I remember the letters she would send me describing their house and lifestyle. You get your love of writing from her, you know.”

“What was my mother’s name?”



I began to drift off in thought as Aunt May finished her tea. I thought hard about what Aunt May was muttering earlier. I recalled that she was saying something about Felicity in danger? Did that mean my mother isn’t safe , wherever she is? My head began to spin and everything became blurry.


“Anne? Anne are you okay? An…”




Diary of Anne Keprie Teaser!

Hello everyone! I have been contemplating on making a photo series. So I finally buckled down and started writing the script for the first episode. Without further-ado here is your sneak peek! I hope you enjoy.



May 9, 1883

Many people treated me strangely. They’d stare and gawk at me as I walk through the streets. Occasionally I heard whispers and gossips of my family and what had become of them. Aunt May tells me to ignore them and that I am special. How could I know that I’m special if I remember nothing of who I am? 





Hope ya’ll enjoyed that little teaser! This is my first official photo series and I am really excited! (I hope you are too) I know this won’t be perfect, but I hope everyone can sit back and relax and enjoy reading what’s in store for Anne Keprie.

By the way, I am going to be away all of next week, so I wont be able to post anything, but I am going to try and plan a post or too and post them before then. One of which may be the first episode… Maybe.. just maybe… 😉 ;P

Thanks for reading!

~Ruthie Grace




Fawntine Fallowheart Review + New Name?!

Hello! So, today I was shopping at Five Below with my mom (Of course it ended up a shopping spree rather than “window shopping”. We can’t help it. Five Below is awesome!) and I wanted to do a small doll review. (I am not posting this to brag.)


Meet Fawntine Fallowheart! She is a Monster High Frightmare doll.


She has antlers with two white bird attachments which clip onto the antlers. On the antlers she has a pink flower crown (which I adore!!) with three white skulls attached to it. Is it just me or do the skulls look like bird skulls?


She has green ivy tattoos on her legs and back.


She has green eyes, green freckles, and her eye brows are painted to look like antlers (so cute!).


She is wearing a pink shirt with the same ivy pattern that is on her legs. She is also wearing a green detachable belt with a sculpted ivy and skull pattern.


On her legs she has on a pair of sculpted leg warmers (also detachable).


I have decided to call her Fawna. Get it? Because she is a fawn? ( Wow my jokes are amazing! :P)

I know this is a different type of post, but I have been meaning to do some more doll posts. Also I have changed my blogging name to Ruthie Grace, so from now on ya’ll can call me Ruthie! Or Grace. Or unicorn (yes please!). Haha.


Ruthie Grace

Elsie Dinsmore: Life of Faith short book summary :)

Hello peoples! Recently I have been reading this book series from my local library. It is called the Elsie Dinsmore: A Life of Faith series by Martha Finely, and I love it! I wanted to tell ya’ll about it because I find it to be an inspiring series that has really made me think twice about how strong my faith is in God.

Short summary: A young girl (Elsie Dinsmore) is living in the 1800s before the Civil War. Her mother passed away shortly after Elsie was born and she was put in the care of her grandfather and step-grandmother. Once she reaches the age 8 she finally meets her long awaited father. Her father is very cold and seemingly unloving towards her when he first meets his daughter. Throughout the first book she and her father grow closer to Jesus.

I’ve only read the first two books, but I totally suggest reading these books! If you’ve read them then let me know what you’ve learned from them!



I’m Alive/ Updates!

Hey there! It’s been quite awhile now hasn’t it? Life has been crazy for me and I haven’t gotten much time (or around to it) to post. So, yes I am alive. 😀 🙂


1. This fall I had joined a new swim team which I love! The coaches are great and I feel like I have really improved. (Do you have a sport you play? Let me know in the comments! 😉 )

2. I have hit over 20 followers! Thank you so much! 🙂 😀 😀 😀

3. I might be making some changes to my blog/ possibly changing the name(s). If you have any blog name suggestions I would appreciate it.

4. Since my weekly schedule is bonkers I might not be able to post as frequently. I will try to post as often as possible.

5. Speaking of change, my blog will be undergoing some topic transfiguration. As you may know (if you have read the “About” section) I am a Christian and I want to share more of my faith with you all! Doll and writing posts will stay (of course!!) but I am going to try to make a section specifically for sharing my faith.

Thank you for the patience and support during my absence. Stay tuned for more posts!



TIWC Entry # 1

This is my entry for TIWC hosted by the lovely Grace from The Girl Upstairs.


The prince swiftly mounted his horse, and rode out of the royal stables. Behind him, he could hear the bellows and shouts of the castle soldiers. He leaned forward, kicking his horse, urging her into a fast canter. From the corner of his eye, the prince could see one of the soldiers riding close to him. The soldier glared at him and shouted..


I looked up from my book, into the eyes of my scowling grandmother. I closed my book very slowly, and watched as Grandma Georgina  folded her arms across her chest.
“Sorry, Grandma, I guess I got way too into my book.” I said apologetically.
“Clearly.. ” she replied, replacing the scowl on her face with a grin. ” I was going to say that it’s time for bed.”
“Aw, man..”
She took off her flour-covered apron and walked out of my bedroom.
I pulled out from my closet my cotton, yellow, nightgown that had flowers embroidered on the shoulder-sleeves. I struggled into them as I grumbled to myself.
I sat down on my window seat, and brushed out my long, wavy, strawberry blonde hair.

The sun was setting, sending streaks of pink and purple along the horizon. I gazed across the beautiful fields that bordered the stables, and the small ring where I spent a lot of time riding ponies in.
As I looked out onto the property, I thought about my deceased mother and my father whom I had never met. I had been living with Grandma Georgina and Grandpa Tom since I was five years old, when my mother sadly passed in a tractor accident. I still had a vague memory of her.
A knock on my bedroom door shook me out of my thoughts.
“Lights out.” Grandma Georgina said softly.

” Okay.”
I climbed into my bed, and pulled the gingham covers over myself. Grandma Georgina came gave me a kiss on the forehead and bid me goodnight. I lay in my bed, thinking about what the prince in my book would do if he were in my shoes. Soon enough, I fell asleep.

I looked up, bleary-eyed, to see what had made the loud noise that awoke me from my slumber.
“Pluto?” I called to my cat, being careful not to make too much noise.

Maybe a bird hit the roof?
A soft wind blew against my cheek, causing me to shiver. I looked over toward my window,to investigate. I pulled back the curtain to check for Pluto, but everything seemed normal. The moon hung beautifully in the sky, and the breeze felt- wait, breeze? My window was opened halfway, big enough for a human to barely slide through.
I swore I shut that… I thought.
I reached to close my window, but stopped in my tracks at the sound of loud mewing in the fields.
I frantically grabbed blankets and bed sheets from my closet, and tied them all together to create a sort of rope to help me get from my window to the ground safely.My ‘rope’ was finished, and I looked down at the far ground, my heart beating so fast I thought it would burst. I took in a single breath, turned my back toward the outdoors, my feet on the very edge of the window, and took a leap of faith toward the ground. The cold,sharp, wind blew all around me, my long hair swirling around my face.

My feet finally hit the ground, and I toppled over onto my side. I looked down at my red, blistered hands, and winced. They felt like they were on fire.
I have to get to Pluto! I thought fiercely to myself.
I shook my head, as if to shake away the pain in my hands, got up from the ground, and dusted the grass off my nightgown. I took off running, my mind whirling with horrifying thoughts of what could have happened to Pluto.
I reached the edge of the fields, and stopped to catch my breath.
“Pluto! Pluto! Plu-to!” I yelled into the night.
Nothing. There wasn’t a single noise.
I ran around the field, screeching Pluto’s name. Finally, I stopped by a tree trunk, and sat down beside it. Covering my face in my hands, I broke down into tears.
Pluto’s probably lost in the woods, and I can’t do anything about it! What will I tell Grandpa Tom?
Pluto was given to me by  Grandpa Tom. I remember the day he brought home the small scrap of fur Pluto was. Grandpa had found him stuck in a thorn bush, by the stables when he was cleaning tacks. Pluto still has a scar on his front paw from an injury he got in the bush. I had looked past the scars Pluto bore, and was always admiring his  dark tabby pelt, and bright green eyes. Pluto had helped me feel better during my toughest moments.

” ‘Scuse me?”
I looked up and saw a girl a bit older than I was, with icy blue eyes, dark wavy hair, and she was holding…
“Pluto!” I screeched.
Pluto was curled up in the girl’s arms, purring softly. He looked up at the sound of my voice and meowed.I jumped up from my spot and carefully took him from the girl’s arms.

“H-how did you find him?” I implied.
“I was taking a walk on my parent’s property, and came across your cat, scampering around.” She replied.
“Where do your parents live?”
The girl pointed toward the direction, in which Grandma Georgina and Grandpa Tom’s ranch house was.
“Wait, that isn’t possible…”
The girl looked at me, boldly, in the eye. Just by looking in her eyes, I could read the message she was telling me.
She nodded.

Was I really getting to see my mother when she was around my age?
“This is where you can always find me.” She said softly pointing toward my heart.

I gasped. Mom rested her hand on my shoulder, and everything blacked out.


The next thing I knew, I was awake in my bedroom, with Pluto sleeping soundly by my side. The sun shone and there wasn’t a single sign of what I had experienced last night.


It must have been a dream. I met my mother in a dream..
I pointed to my heart, just like my mother had in my dream.

I found you, Mom. I found you.



I went out into my driveway, and took a picture of a weed. Sorry wasn’t really much of an introduction…..

Let me try again.

*wails* WHY DOES BIBPC HAVE TO BE ALMOST OVER! Oh by the way I found a weed in my driveway.


I’m just gonna stop being bizarre and get onto the photo:


Story: I grabbed my Ipod, painfully walked across rocks, and snapped a photo of a weed sprouting in the driveway. I’m so inventive..


~ Grace